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Accrued Interest Calculator

Interest on a bond accrues between regularly scheduled payments. To find out how much interest is owed on a given bond, use the calculator below. Select the appropriate bond type to figure accrued interest for corporate and municipal bonds or government bonds. Interest for corporate and municipal bonds is calculated using a 360-day year. Interest for government bonds is calculated using a 365-day year. Note: If a bond is in default, there is no accrued interest.

Accrued Interest Calculator

Bond Type Corporate and Municipal Bonds (360 days)
Government Bonds (365 days)
Investment Amount Dollars
Annual Interest Rate %
Days In Holding Period Days
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Accrued Interest %
Dollar Value of Accrued Interest Dollars

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  1. Bond Type
    Select the desired bond type for your calculation.

  2. Investment Amount (Do not use commas.)
    Enter the total dollar amount you invested.

  3. Annual Interest Rate
    What is the interest rate? For bonds, use the annual coupon rate.

  4. Days In Holding Period
    How many days do you intend to hold the investment?

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