OFAC Search Tool

Search the Office of Foreign Asset Control's Sanctions Program Listings:

FINRA is pleased to offer an automated method of searching the U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control's (OFAC) Sanctions Program Listings. OFAC regulations prohibit transactions with certain persons and organizations listed on the OFAC website as "Terrorists" and "Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons," as well as listed embargoed countries and regions. Firms must check this list on an ongoing basis to ensure that potential customers and existing customers are not prohibited persons or entities and are not from embargoed countries or regions before transacting any business with them.


FINRA and its affiliates make no warranties or other representations that a firm's use of the OFAC search tool will satisfy their regulatory responsibilities with respect to OFAC regulations.


  1. You may want to review the various OFAC lists prior to running your search to better understand the formatting used by the Treasury Department's, Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  2. The three different search options return progressively more restrictive results. You may want to change the search option to reduce the resulting matches.


  1. For assistance with the OFAC Search Tool, please E-Mail Us or call 202-728-6964.
  2. For assistance with OFAC data or requirements, please contact the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).
  3. If you find a match or are in doubt about a specific account or transaction or you need additional information, contact OFAC's Compliance Hotline at 800-540-6322.

Automating Searches:

Several firms have asked us about how to automate searches of the OFAC Sanctions Program Listings. While FINRA does not currently plan to offer this service, the OFAC Web site offers ASCII, DOS Delimited, Windows Delimited, and UNIX-Ready Delimited versions of the Sanctions Program Listings which can be used to develop an automated search function. You may search the OFAC listings for multiple names or phrases using the multi-name search.

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