Arbitrator Information Update Form

It is essential that the information FINRA Dispute Resolution provides to parties regarding the arbitrators on our roster be accurate and up-to-date. For this reason, arbitrators have a continuing obligation to update the roster information that we maintain on their behalf.

Accordingly, if you are already an arbitrator on our roster, please use the following form to notify us of any new or revised information. If you are not a roster member but would like to be, please visit the Become an Arbitrator page for information about how to apply to the roster.

You may want to request your Arbitrator Profile in order to review the information we have on file for you prior to completing this form. If you are going to request a copy of your Arbitrator Profile, please do so before completing and submitting this form. When submitting the request, please include your neutral ID (A#) and indicate in the subject line that you are requesting a copy of your Arbitrator Disclosure Report.

NOTE: If you have already registered with the DR Portal, please log in and make any updates to your profile using the portal.

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